Attending a lockdown wedding? Men, we have the perfect style hacks for you

Weddings are all about enjoyment, fun, and experimenting with different types of colors, patterns, designs of dresses. But the wedding in pandemic covid-19 is a little different, but fashion is at its peak when it comes to dressing in pandemic fashion. In this pandemic, wedding fashion has revived not only for women but also for men. This time is a little hard for other couples as they have to do the wedding according to the current guidelines. However, nothing will change; look your best and try out wedding sherwani online, men’s jodhpuri suits, and many more.

Women have many options for many events, especially weddings, but there are not so many choices.!!

Not anymore.!! In this article, we will show you a variety of style hacks for men. It is the chance where you can experience your dress colors, designs, and patterns. Therefore, if you want to try out some amazing outfits in this lockdown wedding, here we have some simple hacks. These hacks of dresses for men will keep you fashionable and comfortable.

When you are selecting the color of clothes for the summer season, go for the pastels. On the Indian skin, pastel colors will look amazing and appreciative. You can also try classic colors like red, yellow, and green Sherwani for men or men’s jodhpuri suits.

Wear Facemask in every function

Mask is one of the most important things in this pandemic. However, wearing a normal mask is boring from a wedding point of view and does not go well or look good with a wedding outfit. So let’s make face masks worldwide fashion because of the pandemic and from the fashion point of view it will become something unique.

You can do one thing when you are going for Jodhpuri suits for men or Sherwani for men; you can match the mask with your attire or go for some decorated mask-like golden or silver facemask. It can go with any outfit of yours: Jodhpuri suits for men, Sherwani for groom or Sherwani for men, and give you a glamorous look. Also, if you are wearing an outfit regardless of color, design, or pattern, a facemask goes well with any outfit. As per the occasion, you can satiate in series work, embroidery work, or thread work to highlight your outfit beautifully.

Slight makeup

Nowadays, the no-makeup look is also in tradition and goes perfect with any season: summer, autumn, spring, and winter. Fine makeup will highlight your facial features and will make you look naturally good-looking. Make sure you have a clean look to get a perfect no-makeup look rather than having a beard on your face. When you go for makeup, you need to take care of some things; therefore, focus on looking pleasing rather than petty.

Try out Accessories

Accessories are not for women only. For mens overall look, accessories will give you the wedding event look. Whether you are a groom or his friend, accessories will intensify and compliment your looks. A perfect accessory will give you a wonderful wedding look.

You should pre-paired the accessory which goes well with your outfit to make a good impression on girls. For example, for the wedding Sherwani you can buy a simple neckpiece and some rings on your hand. While for an outfit like a jodhpuri suit for men, you can go for the watch in one hand and some neckpiece. Most importantly, go for accessories where you will feel comfortable rather than discomfort in the whole event.

Matching Shoes

Last but not least, your shoes are an essential part of the mens outfit. Although it is such an important part that if the bridesmaid got their hands on it, you have to give them more money than the actual price of the shoes.!!

In outfits like Sherwani for men, you can go for the jutti with heavy decorated work. Or if you are going for outfits like Jodhpuri Suits design or Bandhgala suits for men, you should go for formal shoes. Formal shoes go perfect with the outfit like Bandhgala suits or Jodhpuri suits for boys.

However, if you opt for the outfit in online shopping like Sherwani, Pastels kurtas, with the churidars on the lower portion, embellished juttis will go perfect with your outfit.

Select the Pastels dress

Presently, everybody prefers the light color dress for their wedding whether it is men or women. Therefore, fashion designers invest in these lighter designs wedding dresses with neutral colors like light pink, lemon yellow, light green, and off-white for smaller events.

As per the fashion designers, light colors will make you feel comfortable and help you stand out with astonishing looks. Nobody wants to wear embellished outfits for any occasion, whether at a party, event, or wedding. Therefore, pastels outfits for men will go perfect for the wedding.

Various options in Shirts

Same shirts are kind of boring. Therefore, you should stop wearing floras and printed shirts. And go for the shirt kurta, short kurta, or sockets. They are not only stylish but also comfortable to wear. However, if you are trying this for the first time, you should select neutral colors.

To avoid wearing winter wear, you can use a combination of layered dresses. If you are wearing a light shade kurta, you should wear a dark color jacket on that while completing the whole look with a brooch. And if you are going for the western look, pair up your shirt with a linen jacket which will give the contrast look.

However, if you shop online for the western look, you should go for the Jodhpuri Suit. A Jodhpuri suit designed for a man is an Indian formal outfit. It is an outfit that originated in Jodhpur city, Rajasthan. You can wear these Jodhpuri Suits with trousers or with a coat.

Be creative and try out something extraordinary to make your wedding look stand out from the crowd. Nowadays, accessories like cufflinks, rings, kadas, etc., are also giving a beautiful look to the men’s outfit. Your style hacks should be fashionable and not look like a more expensive outfit as a modern man.

Your style will represent your personality and characteristics. And good style hacks will enhance your personality and set the tone of how others recognize you. For example, if you want to be a gentleman, you must know how to dress well. So gentlemen take care of his dress sense, accessories and try out better style hacks. Likewise, you should know how to maintain your suits and leather accessories and be innovative with your outfits.

Also, with time you should upgrade your wardrobe. And make sure of everything like from your hair to your shoes, that everything is perfect. Buy good quality clothes, because investment in clothes is not just for clothes, it is on yourself and those who look up to you.

For the wedding season, Indian clothes like wedding Sherwani, Jodhpuri Suit design for men, Kurtis are the best option to wear. Therefore, shopping online for Sherwani, Jodhpuri suits, Pathani Suits, Kurta Pajamas, etc., are the best outfits.




HI I am Erna Hernandez who loves to read and write about article about health, travel and lifestyle.

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Erna Hernandez

Erna Hernandez

HI I am Erna Hernandez who loves to read and write about article about health, travel and lifestyle.

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